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  1. Susan Fuqua says:

    Jesus loves you! You are a strong girl and so many people are praying for you and love you so! Aut Susu, Uncle Bill, Jackson & Anna Kate

  2. Sue Schick says:

    Dear Brian, Michelle and Baby Ella,
    We are so glad to hear that you have been able to get out for some beautiful fresh air and sunshine. It is amazing how getting outside of the hospital can renew your strength and refresh your spirit. Stay strong knowing that all of your friends and family love you so much and that we all continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayer everyday. Please give lots of hugs and kisses to Baby Ella and tell her how special she is to all of us. We look forward to hearing more good news.
    All of our love,
    Jim, Sue, Jimmy and Julie

  3. Bill Crook says:

    I’ve heard so much about you in such a short time I feel like I’ve known you forever. It’s hit the ball and talk about grandkids. I know of the strength, faith, and character you have inherited.With all the prayers from the circle surrounding you from friends, friends of friends, the strong unshakable faith in the house you come from. I hope that God will look down and decide you have so much to do it will take a looong time to get it done. I’m looking forward to seeing some of it.
    Our prayers are added to the many.

  4. Lori says:

    I believe in the miracle of God’s healing power! Stay strong in that faith.

    Praying for you!

  5. Gina says:

    Thinking of you every day

  6. Grandma says:

    I am witnessing the incredible power of motherhood as I watch you, my beautiful daughter Michelle, focused on your precious child, Ella. I am amazed at your strength and endurance as you bravely confront this evil thing inside your precious baby. I see Ella look in your eyes full of trust and love. I see her present you with that beautiful smile that lights up her face to try to ease your worries. You are doing what you were always meant to do – loving your baby. We will all get through this together as a family, with Ella as our leader. God is good – all the time.

    “Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out
    everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do,
    everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.” Proverbs

  7. Gina says:

    Got our first fundraiser check today!! Thank you Paul and the gang! I love you guys!!
    We have gotten a lot of people asking us where and how to send a donation. We hope to have the foundation legally set up very shortly. If you wish to make a non tax deductible donation now, please mail a check in Ella’s name to:

    Ella Reese
    C/0 Gina Tremblay
    1730 Fulmer Rd
    Belle Isle, FL 32809

    THank you to all of you that have done so already. You know who you are.

    BAKE SALE at my office on Thursday, June 30th. WE NEED BAKERS! Anyone interested in baking cupcakes, cookies or cake let me know. Have them to me by evening of June 29th. Let me know in advance.

  8. Susie Cone says:

    I pray for all you every day. Many of my friends, neighbors, and church are praying for you too in Georgia. Remember, anything is possible through all who believe. We love you.
    Aunt Susie Cone (Brian’s and Michelle’s aunt and precious Ella’s great aunt)

  9. Jamie Gutweniger says:

    Hello Brian, Michelle and Sweet Ella,

    We love you all and are praying for a miracle for Ella. She is such a beautiful loving little baby and we know God will take care of her. We are working hard to spread the word about this wonderful website and even more wonderful little angel, Ella Renee. God bless you all!!

    John, Jamie, Sarah Blythe and Aimee Rose

  10. Teraesa says:

    I would love to help bake some things for your bake sale! I have a dessert company I run from my home. Where can I drop them off?

  11. Susie Cone says:

    God is good! I have gotten word that friends and relatives of friends are praying for you in Pennsylvania and Texas as well as in Georgia. We love you.
    Aunt Susie, Ian, Ryan and Stephanie Cone

  12. Kathy.Kendall says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter.My Nephew ( Nathen.Trueblood) has been fighting Neuroblastoma since he was 23 months old he is now almost 6..he has had a tough battle but still fighting..If you have ANY questions my Sister-In-Law can help you she has learned so much about this nasty Cancer.

  13. Hollie says:

    While I have heard over and over how rare this is we personally know 3 children with Neuroblstoma. When I heard about baby Ella I felt compelled to write and share with you that each of the children that we know with this condition are in various stages of “remision” though I say remision lightly there is 10, 3 and 2 year cancer free. God bless your family and if you would like to be in contact with the families let me know, my email is attached.

  14. Vicki Case says:

    Michelle and Brian, I have been praying night and day for you and Ella. I wake up in the night and she is the first person on my mind. Much love and prayers going your way. Love, Vicki

  15. Ryan Cone says:

    We will pray for you sounds like nothing but good news lately!!! That is great!!! Hang in there keep your heads up!

  16. CeCe Snyder says:

    I believe truly in miracles possible by the power of prayer. May God Bless Ella, God’s little angel. You and your sweet family have so many friends in so many places. My niece has a company called little bird vintage design( I would love to send one to little Ella and then for you friends to know of this website to get something to possibly perk you and Ella up somewhat. I would like to know if I could do this and is it o.k. to send to address in the above sharing stories? I’ll try somehow to reach someone at this addres to Cassandra Goode a dear friend of mine. Thanks and May God Bless your entire family. Kisses, CeCe Snyder

  17. Michelle says:

    Yes!! That would be wonderful! I know casse as well from st John vianney!

  18. Erin and Nicole says:

    God will help you Ella I know it! Hang in there and don’t let go!!

  19. Such a beautiful baby, Prayers for your family.

  20. Denise Zumbrun says:

    MY heart and thoughts go out to you, many don’t realize that when I child is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family is really diagnosed. I lost my son 2years ago tomorrow also to a very rare cancer called Desmoplastice Small Round Cell Tumors, and like your precious baby there are not any set treatments and the prognosis was not good. Please reach out to other places for ideas, St Joseph’s in Tampa, Sloan Kettering in NY, and of course St Jude’s in Tennesse. Your daughters records can be sent and you can speak with doctors by phone. The good news is there are so many new treatments being discovered everyday, I truely hope you get a miracle. If you ever need a shoulder to cry with please drop me a line. I was lucky enough to be introduced to another mother whose son had the same cancer as mine, and we helped each other through.`

  21. Michelle and Brian, we live here in Orlando as well and our 2 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma when he had a tumor removed from his abdomen just after Christmas 2012. I would love to connect with you as a fellow “mommy” of a cancer fighter. I am sure that we are going through a lot of the same feelings and could provide a great support for each other. Please email me at if you are interested in getting together. Heather and Mike Himes

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