May 2012

Ella had her MRI this past Friday, April 27th.  I hate hate hate when it is time for her MRI.  On the other hand, I am always anxious when it is getting close, because I want to know what is going on in her body. 

Results Monday were that the tumor is stable and unchanged.

“Right paraspinal mass extending from L1 to L4.  It extends into the neural foramen at l1-l2 and l2-l3.  The lengthiest trasverse dimension of this mass is at the l2-l3 disc space where its extent is into the spinal canal and transverse dimension is 1.9cm.  Total length of the tumor is 4.9 cm, and AP dimension is 1.4 cm.  There is enhancing tissue seen extending into the spinal canal at the two levels without mass effect on the thecal sac.  The mass runs along the posterior margin of the right psoas muscle.  I believe there is a little bit of enhancing extradural soft tissue on the left side at l3-l4 which was present previously.  Overall, today’s findings have not significantly changed.  There is no further extent and there is not a new mass.”

So, it appears that there is no change.  And as long as the remaining tumor is not affecting her neurolically or physically, there is no need to remove it.  Our next MRI is scheduled in July when she was also have a spinal xray to check for scoliosis, as well as her hearing test.

Currently, Ella is having severe constipation issues that hopefully will be addressed with a specialist we are seeing today. We are unsure if these issues are related to the previous large tumor Ella had.  It is “possible” that the location of the tumor may have damaged or affected a nerve that helps control Ella’s intenstines.  We will get better answers after seeing the specialist.

Also, Ella is starting to exhibit some sensorty issues that we will also be getting addressed with Occupational Therapy.  Again, I am unsure if this is related to her neuroblastoma.  They say that when there is any disease of the spine, it is possible that sensation may be affected. 


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