Ella Reese Foundation, Inc.

Mission Statement:  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to assist children suffering from Neuroblastoma and other Childhood Cancers.  We seek to help those in need of financial support through service to the individual child or the needs of their family. We strive to actively promote AWARENESS by participation in events and fundraisers that support this goal.

This Foundation was organized on behalf of Ella Reese, who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma at the age of 7 months.  The cost, financially and emotionally, to help a child and their family to face a tragedy like cancer is life changing.  The community generously helped Ella and her family and we hope to “Pay It Forward” to others in need.

Read of the journey of this little girl and her family in “Mommy’s Blog” and you will understand the need to raise awareness and funds for all Childhood Cancers.

Currently, the Foundation reaches out to families with emotional support and provides “Ella Cares” packages to the child and to the parents to provide some comfort and joy through their ordeal.

Families can contact us at EllaFoundation@aol.com.

Your donations are appreciated.

There are many ways to donate:

1. Just Click on the button below and type the amount you wish to donate.

2. You can also send a check made out to The Ella Reese Foundation, Inc. and mail to:

1720 Fulmer Road
Orlando, Florida 32809

Again, Thank you and God Bless You!



2 Responses to Ella Reese Foundation, Inc.

  1. John Tremblay says:

    If you would like to get on our volunteer list, please sign up here or email me at John@youronlyteam.com

  2. Beth Bowen says:

    Donation made in memory of Phil Ewing.

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